How to Apply for Funding

Friends provides funding to U-M Hospitals and Health Centers programs and services that embrace and fulfill its mission of promoting the health, welfare and education of the community.

Past and current recipients of funding include Trail's Edge Camp for ventilator-dependent children, Trauma Burn Community Outreach programs, the Health System Child Care Center, Wilmot House, Transplant House, the Ronald McDonald House, the Depression Education Resource Center, and Gifts of Art programs and more.

General Guidelines

Friends funding is open to all units that benefit U-M patients. Funding must be approved by any (or all) of the following: head nurse; project manager; or manager/supervisor. The Friends Funding Committee reviews applications quarterly.

Funding has been granted to support:

  • Health education in the community
  • Enrichment of the hospital environment
  • Off-site and in-house programs for patients
  • Construction and equipment used by patients

Friends do not fund fee-generating equipment for the hospitals, direct salary support, materials for the education of hospital staff or research projects. Follow this link for a full description of our funding guidelines.

Other funding sources that may properly fit your request:

Funding requests for printed patient education materials should be made to the Patient Education Advisory Committee which receives an annual Friends grant to cover these needs. For further information visit their website for a PEAC funding application, or contact Melissa Blom at 734-615-1274.

Funding requests that are more in line with Fostering Innovative Grants, contact program managers Noura Bashshur or Samantha Bolton 734-647-3089 or FIGs Administrator

Funding requests for departments that are under the umbrella and/or are partnered with Patient Family Centered Care, contact program managers Kori Jones, Women's and Psychiatry 734-936-0079 or Molly Dwyer-White, Adult Hospitals and Cancer Center 734-232-0259.

UMHS Friends Advisory Board Funding Request Form and Instructions
If your departmental request for funding meets our guidelines, you can download a funding request form (MS Word), or contact for one to be emailed to you.  Applications are accepted via one of the following methods: 

  1. Email with completed signed form

  2. Mail directly to: 
    Waitzy Brown, Administrative Assistant
    UMHS Friends Gift Shop Advisory Board
    1500 E. Medical Center Dr.
    UH GAP 2B203 (Internal office 2B207G)
    Ann Arbor, MI 48109-5061

  3. Drop off at the UH Main Gift Shop 2C201

Funding requests are reviewed quarterly and due the first of January, April, July and October.

Please note that old request forms, incomplete and/or unsigned forms will not considered. Please check this site periodically for the latest fund request forms. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Waitzy Brown 734-615-6147 or email

Below are friendly reminders regarding the request form:

  • The Friends Board wants to make intelligent, fair decisions on funding requests. The more detailed information you provide, the better we can understand the request. Include why this target group/user needs the item, describe the target population and how the item(s) will help. Give an example, provide a picture and/or materials that might assist us. Please attach letters of support or concern.

  • Include brand names (if applicable) and detailed description of item(s) as well as quantity and cost per item.

  • Friends is trying to be more cost effective so that we can fund as many requests as possible. Therefore, please check with more than one vendor. If you deem one vendor more appropriate than another, please explain why.

  • Does the item(s) need to be attached to the wall or cleaned on a regular basis?

  • Include any other applicable information.

If you have any questions relating to your request, please call the Friends office: 734-615-6147.