Officers and Board Members

Directors and Officers

President: Sandy Plunkett

President Elect: Sara Hickey

President Emeritus: Margaret Crandall

Secretary: Jenny Carpenter

Treasurer: Bobby Hewlett

Vice President of Gift Shops: Lynne Kittle

Bylaws: Leslie Kamil

Communications & Programs: Michelle Sanford

Development: Open Position

Social Services: Anita Clos

Nominating Committee: Margaret Crandall, Sara Hickey,

Members at large: Nancy Bates, Lana Chang, Kathy Dorsey, Amy Parravano-Drummond, Darlene Eagle, Cindy Kapanowski, Julie Piazza, Pat Richards, Karen Stern, Latreece Taylor and Gina Walsh.

UMHS Friends Gift Shop Liaison: Alfreda Rooks, MPA, CPS & Services Director

UMHS Friends Gift Shop Manager: Robert Newman

UMHS Friends Board Administrative Assistant: Waitzy Brown