Retail Food Services

Welcome to Retail Food Services. This page is a guide to dining, snack and coffee options on the main Ann Arbor Medical Campus and the East Ann Arbor Health & Geriatrics Center. If you have questions or need additional information, contact Craig Luck, Contract Administrator/Hospital Operations: 734-763-9458 or via email.

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Please click on the name below for menu and location information as applicable.

  • Vending Services

    On-the-go eating can make it tough to eat healthy, but vending machines located across the Health System offer MHealthy options to help! In fact, 50 percent of options in vending machines across the Health System are a guaranteed MHealthy options for your health! Look for the MHealthy logo to identify these healthier options.

    Need a refund? If you need a refund from one of our vending machines and you are in one of the following buildings, please see the Hospital Cashier on UH Floor 2:

    • University Hospital
    • A. Alfred Taubman Healthcare Center
    • C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital
    • Women’s Hospital
    • Med Inn
    • Comprehensive Cancer Center

    In KMS, Green Road and East Ann Arbor Health and Geriatric Center, see the building's receptionist.

    In all other locations,call 800-404-7171.
    -Operated by Continental Canteen


  • MHealthy

    The MHealthy team has partnered with existing food vendors at the University to increase the number of healthier options available on U-M campuses as well as make it easier to identify which items are healthier choices.

    More information about MHealthy on campus:


Ask the Registered Dietitian
If you have questions about diet or how you can start fitting healthier choices into your daily routine, let MHealthy's nutrition professionals help. They are supportive of your physical activity and nutrition goals, and can help you develop specific strategies to meet them.

To ask a question of an MHealthy Registered Dietitian, email us at

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