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If your physician has referred you to the FDTC at the University of Michigan, you will be initially evaluated at the Perinatal Assessment Center (FDC). Please call 734-763-4264. This line is answered from 7:30 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. You may also use the appointment line at 1-800-211-8181 and the operator will transfer you to the FDC. The staff will require basic contact information from you so they can create a registration number for you in the University Health System.

After making your appointment, we ask that you call Patient Registration at 1-866-452-9896 to provide them with your detailed insurance information. This needs to be completed prior to your arrival.

General directions to the University of Michigan Medical Center can be accessed through the University web site at


The Patient and Visitor Hotel Accommodation Program provides enhanced-guest services by locating and reserving hotel accommodations for our patients, families, and visitors at a preferred hospital rate.

For more information please contact the staff at 1-800-544-8684 or 734-936-0135. Additional information is also available at their website:



Your evaluation with our specialists may require us to repeat testing that was previously completed at another facility. All tests are performed in the Mott Children's and Women's Hospital.

An ultrasound is scheduled at the Perinatal Assessment Center to assess your baby's health. The ultrasound is performed by one of our experienced sonographers and reviewed with one of our Maternal-Fetal Medicine physicians. The physician will often repeat some of the ultrasound pictures and focus on specific areas of concern while reviewing the findings with you.

A fetal echocardiogram is often necessary for babies with other health issues. This is a special ultrasound specifically looking at your baby's heart structure and function. The initial images are taken by a skilled sonographer and reviewed by a Pediatric Cardiologist. The physician often retakes several images while discussing the findings with you.

In some cases, a fetal MRI is necessary to better visualize anatomic structures or obtain special measurements. This testing is often performed on a separate day to provide time for interpretation by our pediatric radiologist.

We will plan a conference with you to discuss all test results, treatment options, a birth plan, and expected prognosis for your baby.