Virtual Network

The FPD Virtual Network is a secured 'cloud' based network were you can find Master Documentation for UMHHC Facilities, upload Construction Asbuilts, engage in a Collaborative Environment with design and construction staff and request drawings from our archive. These and other links can be found on the left throughout the Virtual Network.


To request access to our Virtual Network, CLICK HERE. Be sure to include your name, the company you represent, and a phone number where you can be contacted. If you have already received access to the Virtual Network but have forgotten your password, CLICK HERE.

UMHHC Collaborative Environment

Select UMHHC Collaborative Environment from the below list for access to UMHHC Master Documentation.

Number Name Quick Links
0301 Cancer Center Floor Plans
0306 East Mechanical Building Floor Plans
0308 Med Inn Building Floor Plans
0312 University Hospital South, Units 1-4 Floor Plans
0316 University Hospital Floor Plans
0317 Taubman Health Center Floor Plans
0319 Medical Professional Building Floor Plans
0327 1018 Fuller Building Floor Plans
0332 North Ingalls Building Floor Plans
0348 Chelsea Family Practice Floor Plans
0350 East Ann Arbor Health & Geriatrics Center Floor Plans
0390 Child Care Center Floor Plans
0399 North Campus Administration Complex Floor Plans
0419 Laundry Floor Plans
5011 Burlington Office Center Floor Plans
5012 Helipad  
5019 Canton Health Center Floor Plans
5029 Brighton Health Center Floor Plans
5038 East Ann Arbor Ambulatory Surgical Center Floor Plans
5050 North East Corporate Center 1 Floor Plans
5051 Women's Trailer (Trailer A) Floor Plans
5069 North East Corporate Center 2 Floor Plans
5070 Eisenhower Park Warehouse  
5102 Brehm Center  
5109 Cardiovascular Center Floor Plans
5117 Rachel Upjohn Building Floor Plans
5143 Traverwood Building 2 Floor Plans
5153 Traverwood Building 3 Floor Plans
5165 2205 Commonwealth Floor Plans
5173 Children's and Women's Hospital Floor Plans
5223 North Campus Auxiliary Services Floor Plans
5241 Traverwood Building 4 Floor Plans
5340 Kellogg Eye Center - Ypsilanti Floor Plans
5341 Northville Health Center Floor Plans
5345 RAHS Health Center Ypsilanti High School  
5367 Modular Accelerator Building Floor Plans
5393 Grand Blanc Ophthalmology  
8013 Domino Farms Floor Plans
8016 Briarwood Building 5 Floor Plans
8030 Briarwood Building 2 Floor Plans
8036 Survival Flight at Ann Arbor Airport  
8042 Briarwood Building 4 Floor Plans
8060 101 Simpson (Trailer B) Floor Plans
8065 Briarwood Building 3 Floor Plans
8072 Eisenhower Park West Floor Plans
8076 Briarwood Building 1 Floor Plans
8079 Arbor Lakes Building 1  
8080 Arbor Lakes Building 2  
8081 Arbor Lakes Building 3  
8096 Livonia Specialty Care Floor Plans
8100 Commonwealth Building Floor Plans
8110 West Ann Arbor Health Center Floor Plans
8112 South Main Floor Plans
8116 Ice Cube Floor Plans
8120 Ypsilanti Health Center Floor Plans
8121 Saline Health Center Floor Plans
8126 KMS Fusion Building Floor Plans
8130 Briarwood Building 10 Floor Plans
8137 Michigan House Floor Plans
8142 Briarwood Building 9 Floor Plans
8149 Dexter Family Practice Floor Plans
8153 Howell Health Center  
8155 Livonia Health Center Floor Plans
8161 Brighton Eye Center Floor Plans
8162 Traverwood Building 1 Floor Plans
9985 Multiple Buildings