Sara Burgess

Contact Information
Address: UH B2C202 Box 5012
Phone: (734) 936-7410
Pager: 5073

Sara has ten years of experience in Safety Management Services, where she developed instructor-led and online safety education and training, tracked institutional injury data, conducted fire drills, and inspected worksites for safety hazards. While in Health System Human Resources, she managed the Return to Work Program, which identified transitional work for employees with medical restrictions during their recovery from injuries and illnesses. Most recently, she provided program support to Nursing Administration. Sara holds a Bachelor´s degree from Eastern Michigan University and a Master´s degree from Appalachian State University.

Number Name
0301 Cancer Center
0308 Med Inn Building
0309 University Hospital South, Unit 1
0312 University Hospital South, Unit 2
0314 University Hospital South, Unit 3
0317 Taubman Health Center
0318 University Hospital South, Unit 4
0319 Medical Professional Building
5051 Women's Trailer (Trailer A)
5109 Cardiovascular Center