Interior Design

Mission Statement

Our goal is to be a positive institutional force that provides a safe, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment for our patients, visitors and staff.

The Interior Design Department of Facilities Planning and Development creates and maintains standards for finishes and furnishings at the Hospitals and Health Centers based on the following criteria:

  • State and National regulatory requirements
  • Ease of maintenance and cleaning
  • Accessibility regulations
  • Quality of the environment of patient care
  • Bariatric requirements
  • Feedback from patients and staff

Office Layout Options

Maple Option Cherry Option


Interior Design provides comprehensive services ranging from investigative studies, space planning, budgeting for furniture/furnishings, signing, artwork, window treatments and/or cubicle curtains, flooring, paint, wall covering, specialty items, etc., to preparing specifications, scheduling delivery and installation and providing follow up to insure that project objectives are met.

Interior Design works within a standards program for finishes and furniture to insure that institutional as well as individual needs are achieved. Required building, safety and accessibility codes are incorporated into design solutions along with consideration for durability and a fiscally responsible approach to design.

We look to you as our onsite stewards to care for your space. Just as we all represent the University of Michigan, so do the spaces in which we work. The condition of our facilities should enhance the world-renowned level of patient care that is delivered here.

In a public area, such as reception desks, waiting rooms, exam rooms, etc., personal accessorizing is discouraged. Our goal is to present a clean, uncluttered environment to our patients. Please consider the following:

In staff areas, please do not attempt to modify your furniture configuration in any way due to safety and warranty concerns. If there is a functional issue with the layout, contact Facilities Planning & Development to discuss possible adjustments.

In an effort to maintain our facilities, please take time to report any issues such as damage, breakage or soiling as you notice them. Most items can be easily resolved through the Support Services LINK. The following sheet contains contact information for specific problems.

Facilities Furniture Service Procedure

**The process for repairing or replacing patient room furniture is found below. Printable instructions can be found here.**

In order to provide efficient service, the process of notification, proper identification, pick up, repair/ replacement and proper return will be tasks shared by various departments. Each participant in the process must do their part in order to provide the best possible service.


Process for Repair/Replacement of Patient Room Furniture:

Upon detection that a piece of furniture is broken, the staff member or designee (clerk, unit host, etc.) is to call Facilities Services Call Center at 6-5054 or create a Support Services LINK request. Print and place a copy of the Support Services Request on the furniture item. The request must indicate the type of broken furniture, the location (building/room number) and a contact name and phone number. The Call Center staff will take the phone call or Support Services Link request and create a Maximo work order. The Call Center staff will add the Maximo # to the SSL request or a copy of the work order will be emailed to the requestor. The requestor should place the work order number on the printed request for tracking purposes!

The maintenance foremen review new work requests on a regular basis. They will approve and assign this work order to one of their staff. The maintenance staff will respond within 24 hours of the request, locate the furniture and assess its status. The maintenance person will repair the furniture onsite if possible. If onsite repair is not possible, they will remove the furniture to the Maintenance shop for service. Maintenance staff will notify the clerk that the furniture is being removed. A replacement will be provided for the repaired item, if one is available.

Once in the repair shop, a repair feasibility assessment will be made. If the furniture can be safely repaired, the repair will be completed and returned to stock for later use. Some furniture may be under warranty, so no cost will be assessed to the requestor. If the furniture cannot be safely repaired, the piece will be discarded. Issues of reupholstery can be addressed to the Campus Upholstery Shop at 6-3928. Maintenance will keep a record of those discarded items to insure that appropriate stock is maintained.

If a unit believes they have too much furniture in a patient room for efficient operations, contact the Unit Host on your floor to arrange for pick up. Transportation and storage costs will be the responsibility of the department. Do not send patient recliners to Property Disposition.

In the interest of maintaining a professional environment for our patients, inpatient furniture should not be written on or labeled with marking pens. The item being repaired may not be returned to the unit of origin. If the furniture is an office item, the department will be notified in the event the piece cannot be repaired or does not fall under warranty. Departments can reorder furniture at their own cost through NBS (sturnbull@yourNBS.com) for Steelcase products. For the Cardiovascular Center and Herman Miller products, contact Marx Moda (laura.zajac@marxmoda.com).