Capital Construction

Capital Construction consists of a team of construction coordinators who act as liaisons for all persons relative to construction projects at UMHHC and off-site buildings. This includes, but is not limited to, client representative(s), project managers/foremen, architects, engineers, interior designers, nursing administration, equipment planners, state and local inspectors, safety management and infection control representatives, security, maintenance personnel, and building managers. The coordinators schedule and lead construction kick-off, progress, and punch list meetings, provide and distribute meeting minutes, distribute schedules, and assist in the activation of new spaces, including the coordination of phone/computer activations and furniture and equipment installations and relocations with schedules provided by the project managers and foremen.

Additionally, Capital Construction shares the responsibility for quality assurance with the design department, project managers, and construction foremen. Both the materials used on projects and the level of craftsmanship on the installations are considered when assessing project quality. Coordinators track and monitor schedule and budget on construction projects, keeping all concerned parties informed if and when deviations occur, and help resolve issues to keep projects moving toward completion.

It is the goal of Capital Construction to help provide a smooth and nearly seamless transition into newly built areas within the medical center, and minimize inconvenience to patients, their families, and staff. By acting as a central communications hub, the team also helps maintain adherence to safety and quality standards.