Notification Process

General Guidelines

  1. The Shutdown Request Process requires ten (10) working days advanced notice for a scheduled date to be set, regardless of the scope of the shutdown. If a longer lead time is possible for investigation, the request can be submitted with no date and the date will be discussed as the project progresses.
  2. All shutdowns of building systems and equipment shall be coordinated through UMHHC Hospital Maintenance via the UMHHC Shutdown Coordinator.
  3. The project Contractor shall provide a list and sequence of all known shutdowns needed, by phase, at the beginning of the project.
  4. The project Contractor must sequentially number all shutdown requests.
  5. The project Contractor submits drawing if available and provides description and as much detail as possible for shutdown to be performed (i.e. panel, breaker needed, bar codes, etc.)
  6. UMHHC Maintenance will group all shutdowns in a particular space or area whenever possible.


  1. The Project Contractor will process the shutdown request electronically (with as much detailed information as possible) via the shutdown request form located on the hospital shutdown coordination page.
  2. The Shutdown Coordinator creates a hospital work order, assigns a Maintenance Investigator (who will review and verify the scope of the shutdown) and updates the above shutdown list.
  3. The Maintenance Investigator receives the hospital work order and an investigation into the scope of the shutdown will be performed by the Maintenance Investigator.
  4. The Maintenance Investigator notifies the Shutdown Coordinator of the areas affected by the proposed shutdown via notes on key plans, drawings, the work order, etc. 
  5. The Maintenance Investigator assigns the Shutdown Coordinator as a lead person in the hospital work order.
  6. The Shutdown Coordinator emails the Building Manager and the Maintenance Foreman of the areas affected (see attached format).
  7. If an investigation takes more than three (3) days, the Maintenance Investigator will notify the Shutdown Coordinator and the Shutdown Coordinator will inform the project Contractor of the delay via phone or direct contact. If this delay occurs, the remainder of the steps needs to occur at a faster pace to accomplish the 10 day requirement.
  8. The Shutdown Coordinator will contact the Building Manager with the proposed time and date of the shutdown
  9. Within 24 hours of receipt, the Building Manger will forward the email to Users affected by the shutdown to establish an approved date, and time of the shutdown. The email includes the attachment with details in addition to request for the following information:
    1. If date and time of request is approved state approved.
    2. If date and time of request is not approved list another available date that will work within a 3-5 day period of the request date and list the reason it was not approved
    3. Contact information (who to contact on site during shutdown).  List several contacts if necessary.
  10. The Building Manager will notify the Maintenance Foreman and Shutdown Coordinator of the User approved date and time for the shutdown by responding to all via email with the updated form attached.
  11. The Shutdown Coordinator will notify the Project Contractor of the User approved date and time, and will verify the ability of the project Contractor to perform the shutdown during that time .
  12. The shutdown Coordinator emails OT request to the Maintenance Foreman.
  13. The Maintenance Foreman responds to Shutdown Coordinator with OT assignment.
  14. The Shutdown Coordinator assigns a shop person on the hospital maintenance work order to perform the shutdown.
  15. The Shutdown Coordinator updates the shutdown list on the website
  16. The Building Manager will send reminder of the date and time of the shutdown with the User.
  17. At the date and time of the shutdown, interruption of services and return to services will be performed by Plant Hospital Maintenance or their designee.
  18. The person performing the shutdown carries a printed copy of the shutdown notification (the email notification from the Building Manager to the occupants). If a person on site insists the shutdown is not to take place at the scheduled time, the person sent to perform the shutdown asks for a signature, UMID#, and a brief explanation on the printed copy of the shutdown notification.
  19. The person performing the shutdown will update legend and labeling if they discover issues.  A change order can be written to the project if the labeling will be time consuming.
  20. If the shutdown is delayed at some point after it is scheduled, the requester investigates why the delay, notifies the appropriate people of issue and documents.  The project funds the delays.
  21. The Hospital Shutdown Resolution Team investigates all shutdown protocol violations.