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Introduction to GI Path Labs

For the Gastrointestinal/Liver sequence, the five pathology laboratory sessions emphasize close clinical-pathological correlation. Almost all of the clinical data comes from the lectures. The lecture information and the textbook reading assignments will supply you with the answers to almost all of the study questions that accompany each slide. The questions and virtual images provided online are to be used as guides for study and topics for discussion. It is not the responsibility of the laboratory instructors to answer each question, but to use the questions to stimulate discussion. It is the studentís responsibility to read these questions in advance, look up the appropriate information in the lecture handouts or in the textbook, and be prepared to discuss the issues during the laboratory.


Laboratory 1     TBA
Review of normal GI anatomy
Esophageal Disease
Slides 84, 77
Gastric Disease
Slides 83, 22, 85
Laboratory 2     TBA
Small Intestinal Diarrheal Disease
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Slides 87, 86, 88, 20
Appendix and Miscellaneous GI
Slide 18
Colonic Neoplasia, including the
   adenoma-carcinoma sequence
Slides 90, 91, 199
Other GI Neoplasms
Slide 89
Review of normal liver anatomy
Liver Disease, Part I (Acute)
Slides 32, 3, 92, 93
Laboratory 4     TBA
Liver Disease, Part II (Chronic)
Slides 94, 99, 95, 96, 13, 97, 98, 199
Laboratory 5     TBA
Review of normal pancreatobiliary anatomy
Pancreaticobiliary Diseases
Slides 100, 101, 67, 104, 7, 103


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