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Research and Discovery

The University of Michigan has been on the forefront of diabetes research since the early 1900s.
Its long and impressive history has made it a nationally recognized institution on the study and management of the disease. Today, the Michigan Comprehensive Diabetes Center is making huge strides in solving the mystery of diabetes and its origins, with one goal in mind: to find a cure.

We conduct research on all forms of diabetes and collaborate with many researchers at the
U-M and beyond. We conduct two main types of research:

Clinical research, conducted generally in humans, allows scientists to take the knowledge gained in the lab and translate this into clinical trials in humans, which can prove which therapies are the best ones for patients with diabetes. We are conducting exciting clinical studies that increase our knowledge of how to better treat and care for people with diabetes. We always need participants, who often gain by getting the latest diabetes medications and treatments at no cost. Learn more.

Basic research, often referred to as bench research, is underway in over 30 laboratories, where our faculty examine the underlying causes and treatment of diabetes, as well as the complications of the disease.


Our Research Centers


Our Diabetes Research Facility

The Brehm Center for Diabetes Research houses an inter-disciplinary team of scientists, physicians, and researchers who share resources and collaborate on projects — to catalyze discoveries in diabetes research. Our mission is to integrate the University of Michigan’s strength in laboratory research and clinical studies to accelerate the search for prevention and reversal of all form of diabetes and its complications. The Brehm Center is housed in the Brehm Tower, a specially-designed, innovative, clinical and research facility that opened in 2010 and was made possible by a generous gift from Bill and Dee Brehm. Read more.


The Brehm Coalition

The Brehm Coalition is a unique group of nine senior scientists from eight universities devoted to the creation of a new paradigm in medical research, based on an unprecedented level and style of laboratory collaboration. Their chosen research pathways are aimed at accelerating the search for a cure for type1 diabetes. Dr. Peter Arvan represents the University of Michigan on this ground-breaking team, which was founded and funded by Bill and Dee Brehm. Read more.