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Grant Opportunities

MDRC/MCDTR Pilot/Feasibility Study Grant

The purpose of the MDRC and MCDTR Pilot /Feasibility Study (P/FS) Grant Programs is to promote research on diabetes by new and established University of Michigan faculty.  Their goal is to enable investigators to generate a sufficient body of preliminary information for a successful application for major research funding from NIH or other national granting agency.  Grant proposals may be in areas of basic biomedical research, or in clinical, behavioral, epidemiological, or health services, or type 2 translational research and should address key questions in the pathogenesis, diagnosis, prevention, or control of diabetes, its complications, or related endocrine or metabolic disorders (for example: obesity, metabolic syndrome, counter-regulatory proteins).  Type 2 translational research projects should focus on the translation of research advances into clinical practice and include the identification of barriers to widespread adoption of new science and the testing of interventions to overcome these barriers.

Individuals who have full-time instructional or research faculty positions at the University of Michigan are eligible to apply as Principal Investigators of P/F proposals.  Eligible applicants are: a) new investigators beginning careers in research on diabetes; b) established investigators in areas other than diabetes who wish to focus their expertise on a problem in diabetes research; or c) established diabetes investigators who wish to take an entirely new direction in diabetes research.  This new direction cannot be an extension or outgrowth of research currently being undertaken by the applicant. Individuals who receive a Diabetes Interdisciplinary Study Program (DISP) grant co-sponsored by the Michigan Comprehensive Diabetes Center, MDRC, and MCDTR are not eligible to receive an MDRC/MCDTR P/FS grant in the same year.

Proposals should be for one year of support, with requested funding up to $50,000.  P/FS funds may be requested for supplies or salary support for a study coordinator, research assistant or trainee.  Funds may not be applied to salary support for the Principal Investigator, travel expenses, or purchase of equipment (i.e., durable items costing over $5000).

Each proposal will receive peer review by a group of recognized experts in the area of the proposal from the United States and abroad.  It is anticipated that P/FS projects that receive a favorable review will be funded in January 2015. 

Applications must be prepared using the new 2014-15 MDRC/MCDTR P/FS application. An application form can be obtained at the UMMS Competition Space, Office of Research, U-M Medical School.  Proposals should be for one year of support, with requested funding up to $50,000.  

Duration: One year
Amount: Up to $50,000
Application deadline: 5 PM Monday, August 4, 2014
Funding begins:
January 2015

APPLICATION and more information.
Questions: Barbara Hawkins, 763-2561 or