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Jennifer Wyckoff, M.D.   

Pre-Pregnancy Planning for Women with Diabetes

(for diabetic women planning a pregnancy in the next 6-12 months)

To make an appointment, call 734-998-2475 or (toll-free) 866-266-5221

Why?   Because pregnancy complications and birth defects related to diabetes can be reduced with proper pre-pregnancy care!

Jennifer Wyckoff, MD started the Pre-Pregnancy Planning Diabetes Clinic to help women with pre-existing diabetes who are planning pregnancies in the near future.

Research has shown that proper control of blood glucose before conception reduces pregnancy complications in the mother and greatly decrease the rate of serious birth defects in babies. Both of these risks are significantly greater when blood glucose is not kept in check.

These complications can be prevented with the proper planning!

Program consists of:

Pre-conception counseling with individualized recommendations for diabetes care

Follow-up via monthly visits and phone calls for support in achieving ideal pre-conception glycemic control.

Referral to the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Clinic for continuing follow-up after pregnancy is achieved.

Topics covered include: