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Insulin Pumps

How to Get an Insulin Pump

You can use this checklist to help complete the steps toward getting and using an insulin pump:

Complete all four diabetes education classes.

Complete 2-3 day food/glucose/insulin records [PDF].

Make an appointment with the dietitian to start insulin/carbohydrate ratios and correction factor (if you don’t have them). Call (734) 647-5871 or toll-free (866) 266-5221 to schedule.

Provide weekly blood glucose readings via our log sheet [PDF].  Includes carbohydrate intake, insulin dosage and blood sugar to adjust your ratios and fine-tune your dose prior to your pump start.

Complete and return the pump paperwork ("Assignment of Benefits" or AOB form [PDF]) to the nurse or dietitian.  We will then get the prescription signed from your endocrinologist.  Depending on your insurance, you may need specific laboratory tests ordered and you may need to provide additional blood glucose logs.  We will help you figure out the specifics.

Call your insurance company to see if they will cover the cost of an insulin pump and which pump they cover. 

If your A1C is over 8.0: YOU NEED a dilated eye exam before and within the first 2-3 months of starting your insulin pump.

Learn pump therapy! Read about the pump choices, visit pump websites and ask us questions you may have when choosing a pump.

Get and read the book Pumping Insulin by John Walsh.

Your pump will be shipped to you.  Call and set up your training appointment when your pump arrives.  We’ll send written instructions for your pump start (homework).  Keep in mind that it may be a few weeks before your training date, so take this time to prepare and become familiar with your pump.

Pump Training!!!  This is the day you actually start using the pump and we will spend about 2 hours to train you on the basic features and help you program the settings. 

Follow-up: Adjustment of basal/bolus dose via fax/email/phone with your pump trainer.

Advanced Pumping Class offered once/month: Confirm date with your trainer.

Schedule an appointment with your endocrinologist within 6 weeks of pump start.

Last revised July 2009, Adult Diabetes Education Program