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Physical Activity



Physical Activity - Type 2 Diabetes

BENEFITS of long-term consistent physical activity:

General guidelines for exercise

  1. about 30-60 minutes prior to activity
  2. immediately before activity
  3. every 30 minutes during activity
  4. shortly after activity (5-15 minutes)
  5. middle of the night (especially after strenuous exercise)
  6. next 24 hours as usual


Exercise effects on blood glucose

Hypoglycemia: Low blood sugar can occur during, immediately after, or several (up to 24) hours after physical activity/exercise. 

Possible causes of hypoglycemia:

Hyperglycemia: High blood sugar can occur during or after physical activity due to the liver releasing glucose/sugar into the bloodstream. 

Possible causes of hyperglycemia:


Last revised May 2009, Adult Diabetes Education Program