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The Center for the Study of Diabetes Complications is a multidisciplinary consortium of research scientists, clinicians, health professionals, and technicians dedicated to the elucidation of disease mechanisms as they relate to the complications of diabetes. The Center's goal is to translate the understanding of disease mechanisms (i.e., neuropathy, retinopathy and nephropathy) into novel preventative and curative treatments for diabetic complications.

The Center currently includes seven projects conducted by six principal investigators, supported by an R24 Collaborative Research Grant from the National Institutes of Health for a total award of nearly $7 million. Each project is focused on a different aspect of diabetic complications. To learn more about the projects' investigators, see Personnel.

To aid these investigations, there are three Research Cores: Morphology, Molecular Biochemistry, and Oxidative Stress, which provide services to the investigators in order to extend their research efforts. These services include planning, executing, and collecting data for animal experiments; providing cell culture services; and performing oxidative stress measurements in tissues and cells.

Supportive core and administrative facilities provide a coherent research environment dedicated to the elucidation, prevention, and cure of complications in diabetes.