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Mini-symposium marks one-year anniversary for
Brehm Center for Diabetes Research


Wednesday, April 20, 2011
1:00–5:00 p.m.

Oliphant-Marshall Auditorium
Kellogg Eye Center/Brehm Tower

brehm center staff photo
The assembled staff of the Brehm Center for Diabetes Research at the conclusion of the Mini-Symposium.

On April 20, 2011, the Principal Investigators (PIs) and their 100-plus research staff members working in the Brehm Center for Diabetes Research participated in a four-hour mini-symposium to mark the first anniversary of the group's uniting in their new Brehm Tower facilities.

Peter Arvan, M.D., Ph.D., William and Delores Brehm Professor of Diabetes Research, said, "It was great for all of us to put on our communal thinking caps and really reach out to one another on the occasion of the anniversary of the new building opening. The quality of the science is so high, and it was obvious to the audience that opportunities for advancement and collaboration abound in multiple areas. This is exactly what we'd hoped to foster with the mini-symposium."

The Brehm Diabetes Center was made possible by a generous gift from long-time diabetes research supporters Bill and Dee Brehm. The goal of establishing the Center was to bring together researchers from a variety of disciplines to work together on the puzzle of diabetes, particularly type 1 diabetes (formerly known as "juvenile diabetes").

The Brehm Tower facility (and, in particular, the Brehm Diabetes Center area) was designed to facilitate collaboration between the various researchers, who represent units such as Molecular & Integrative Physiology, Pharmacology, Immunology, and Biostatistics. The groups moved into the new building in April 2010 and have already witnessed inter-disciplinary projects taking shape, due to the scientists' proximity to each other and the sharing of ideas that has resulted.

During the mini-symposium, each PI's program gave a 10-minute presentation on their lab's focus, along with a short overview of a current research project. Altogether, 20 programs were represented, including four groups from Ophthalmology, which also shares the building:



TIME                      LAB/PROGRAM                                PRESENTER                                       
1:00 PM                Introduction                                       Peter Arvan, MD, PhD
1:10 PM                1. Lentz program                              Hussein Hamid (Brehm Scholar)
1:20 PM                2. Satin program                               Jim Ren
1:30 PM                3. Hodish program                           Israel Hodish
1:40 PM                4. Pop-Busui program                     Patrick Nelson
1:50 PM                5. Dempsey program                      Yu-Hwai Tsai
2:00 PM                6. Myers program                             Christa Patterson
2:10 PM                7. MacDougald program                 Will Cawthorn
2:20 PM                8. Pennathur program                     Jessica Slocum
2:30 PM                9. Schnell program                          Conner Sandefur
2:40 PM                10. Herman program                      Keiko Asao
2:50 PM                11. Olson program                          David Olson

3:00 PM                Coffee Break                     

3:30 PM                12. Burant program                         Katie Overmyer
3:40 PM                13. Arvan program                           Gautam Rajpal
3:50 PM                14. Abcouwer program                  Steve Abcouwer
4:00 PM                15. Antonetti program                    Jason Keil
4:10 PM                16. Gardner program                      Patrice Fort
4:20 PM                17. Puro program                             Don Puro
4:30 PM                18. Bernal program                          Corentin Cras-Méneur
4:40 PM                19 Pietropaolo program                  Jyotsna Shankar
4:50 PM                20. Low program                              Veronica Otero-Corchon