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Beginning Meditation
A quiet, simple technique with an extraordinary power to boost disease resistance and maintain overall health. It is an amazing mind/body tool that has proven to be effective in managing high blood pressure, sleep disorders, lifestyle changes, habit management, and physical or emotional pain. This 4-week training is designed for people new to meditation. More

Deepening Meditation
For meditators who have finished Beginning Meditation to have an ongoing personal meditation practice. Designed to help make meditation a part of daily life by exploring new strategies in a community of other practicing meditation. More

Hunger Within Workshop
Take the focus off of food through an intensive program to unlock the psychological barriers to permanent weight loss. Explore the core reasons for overeating, identify the triggers that precipitate a binge, and help break the vicious cycle of emotional eating. More

Metabolic Fitness Program
Strategies to reduce the risks of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes associated with the metabolic syndrome. This comprehensive program combines exercise, nutrition, stress management, and strategies for behavior change in a supportive group atmosphere to facilitate positive lifestyle changes and reduce risks. More