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Multidisciplinary Peripheral Arterial Disease Program

The Multidisciplinary Peripheral Arterial Disease Program at the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center brings together a strong team of experts from Interventional Cardiology, Interventional Radiology, Cardiovascular Medicine, Vascular Medicine, and Vascular Surgery all in one location. Few other centers offer such a complete PAD treatment program.

Any patient with PAD can be seen in the clinic, whether it is a mild case or a limb-threatening, disabling condition. Patients who have already been diagnosed with PAD, claudication, an abnormal ABI test result, and/or non-healing ulcers due to arterial insufficiency are seen within 48 hours after we are contacted by a referring physician. We are able to handle emergent cases at any time.

Through the clinic, patients have access to professionals and programs in exercise rehabilitation, smoking cessation, dietary counseling, wound care and prosthetics. Consultative and educational programs are also available to referring physicians.

Services we provide

To make an appointment, call 877-UM-tx-PAD