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Center for Circulatory Support About Us

If you or a loved one have severe cardiac failure that may require a transplant or life-sustaining heart support, you need to know about us!

We offer comprehensive care that coordinates the activities of all the players: surgeons, cardiologists and cardiac nurses. We also provide the latest research. The best technologies. The most experienced care. Experience with both adults and children. And we’ve been doing this for more than 20 years!

Here are the facts about us:

Visit our pages. See for yourself the Michigan Difference! Then call for an appointment or ask your physician to make a referral.

When it comes to severe cardiac failure and life-saving support, we can provide you with the best gift of all:  options!

A regional leader. An international reputation. When it comes to the management and care of adult and pediatric patients with severe cardiac disorders, the University of Michigan is clearly one of the leaders and best.

Our U-M Center for Circulatory Support is only one of two centers in the state of Michigan that offers advanced circulatory assist devices for treatment of end-stage heart failure or cardiogenic shock – and one of the leading programs in the country for the implantation of ventricular assist devices (VADs) and extracorporeal life support (ECMO). Our services complement the U-M Transplant Center's programs, which report a stellar 600 heart transplants on newborns, infants, children and adults.

And now we’re working on artificial heart technology as a bridge to heart transplantation – and as a permanent life-giving device.

We’re a research site for the latest technology. We train doctors and nurses worldwide. And when other hospitals send us their tough cases, we provide the best possible care.

Our Center for Circulatory Support ties together all our circulatory support services through a multidisciplinary approach that takes the entire individual patient – and their family – into account.

Read our pages. Meet our team. See for yourself our state-of-the-art technologies that are designed to sustain life.

Then, call for an appointment. We want to help you take the next step for excellent treatment and care.