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Phase II Rehabilitation

The cardiac rehabilitation program provides medically monitored exercise under the supervision of certified exercise physiologists. In addition, comprehensive educational opportunities are available. The Phase II program runs six to 12 weeks in length and offers a one year follow up program with the option for additional follow up sessions.

Phase II cardiac rehabilitation begins with an in-depth orientation to the program. This is followed by a nursing assessment with a nurse practitioner which includes an EKG, body composition analysis and a physical exam to evaluate your health history and current health status. A stress test with oxygen consumption and a cholesterol profile will be scheduled for most patients prior to initiation of the Phase II progarm.

On your first day of exercise, an exercise physiologist will design an individualized exercise prescription and will review personal goals to assist you in making positive lifestyle changes. The supervised sessions meet two to three days per week and you will be encouraged and guided to include regular physical activities as a part of your daily routine.

Unique Educational Opportunities:

Our educational program offers a unique opportunity to learn about lifestyle modification from the experts in the areas of nutrition therapy, stress reduction therapy and exercise. These educational classes are offered in a continuing weekly series and are conducted at the end of the exercise sessions.

Educational Mini-Lectures:

Heart Healthy Eating:

Stress Relaxation:

Understanding Heart Disease

This comprehensive mini-teach covers the following topics:

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