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After Your Stay

When you leave the hospital, you might need some additional care at home. For this reason, the University of Michigan Health System has several services dedicated to helping patients adjust to their health care needs after leaving the hospital.

If you are an inpatient, many of your care questions can be answered by your physician or your nurse. You can also obtain additional information by calling Practice Management Support at 734-764-0589.

Follow-up Appointments

After leaving the hospital, you or your family member may need to return to a University of Michigan Health System clinic for follow-up care. The physician will identify what appointments are needed. The unit clerical staff will coordinate the scheduling of your follow-up appointments for all Medical Center clinics, including tests and procedures. In most cases, all appointments will be made prior to your departure. Occasionally, we are unable to schedule these appointments in advance. In these instances, the appointments are made later and you are notified by mail and/or phone. You will receive written instructions about appointments needed, scheduled times, phone numbers and location. The date and time of your appointments are determined by clinic and physician schedules. The clerical staff consider your travel time and other scheduled appointments. If you are unable to keep an appointment, you may call the clinic, at the number provided, to reschedule.

Your follow-up appointment may or may not be with the physician you saw during your inpatient stay. The physician you see in the clinic will have your complete medical record and any instructions from your inpatient physician.

General Symptoms of Infection

In general, it is important to watch for signs and symptoms of infection so that any developing infection can be detected early and the right treatment started. General signs and symptoms of an infection might include a fever higher that 100.5 degrees, chills, pain, an ache or tenderness, general feeling of tiredness, and night sweats. If you have an infected wound or incision, you may also have redness, heat, swelling, pain or fluid that is white, yellowish or greenish coming from your wound. The proper treatment can be started quickly with early detection of infection. If you notice any of these symptoms, please call your health care provider.


When you leave the hospital, it may be necessary to have prescriptions filled. The Ambulatory Care Pharmacy can prepare these medications for you and either have them sent to you at the Cardiovascular Center before you leave or have them ready for you to pick up at University Hospital. Having the hospital's pharmacy fill your prescriptions before you leave is often the best plan. Then if there are any changes or problems with the prescriptions, these can be addressed BEFORE you leave the hospital. In addition, sometimes medications, which you received in the hospital are difficult to find in a community pharmacy. In this case, the Ambulatory Care Pharmacy may be your only source for those medications.

If you want refills prepared by your local pharmacy, simply take your containers in to the pharmacy of your choice and request that the prescriptions be transferred. Your pharmacist will contact us and we will give them all the information over the phone they need to provide you with refills. The Ambulatory Care Pharmacy participates in Medicaid, Child Special Health, General Assistance, M-Care HMO, and most Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance programs. If you have charges or copays associated with your prescriptions, they will be billed to you at the time you leave the hospital. Payment is not expected at the time of service for patients being discharged from the hospital.

If you want to have your prescriptions filled at the Ambulatory Care Pharmacy before you leave, please let your nurse and physician know. They can be sure to have your prescriptions filled prior to your leaving.

If you have questions about this process or your medications, feel free to call the Ambulatory Care Pharmacy at 734-936-8260.

Continuing Care Services

Our Practice Management Support Services Office can coordinate your care, helping you or your family make arrangements for home care, medical equipment, infusion therapy, hospice care, nursing home placement, adult foster care, rehabilitation care, ambulance transportation and community support services. We will also help you determine what services are covered by your insurance company. Call (734) 764-0589 Monday through Friday.

Home Care

The University of Michigan Health System's home care division, Michigan Home Care Services, coordinates the care you may need at home. Call Michigan Home Care Services toll-free at (800) 824-3814 for more information.

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