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Gifts to the CVC

There are many opportunities available to contribute to the important work of Cardiovascular Center investigators whose groundbreaking research means new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat heart disease. Through the “Heart of a Champion Fund” lives the legacy of Bo Schembechler, long-time U-M football coach who led the team to prominence and later worked tirelessly to educate the public and further research through the Cardiovascular Center with the same passion he gave to U-M athletics.

Donors to the Cardiovascular Center can help immensely. Programming gifts allow investigators to make an immediate impact, while endowments ensure funding for the future. In addition to endowments and programmatic initiatives, there are many ways an individual or business can contribute, including building enhancements. To find out how you can contribute to the Cardiovascular Center, please visit the Make a Gift section of the Cardiovascular Center web site.

Private support enables clinicians and scientists to advance all aspects of diagnosis, patient care and disease prevention. Many of our innovative programs depend on gifts from individuals who understand the need to support this important work. The Cardiovascular Center seeks funds to further our mission of medical research, medical education and patient care. You may wish to make a gift in memory of someone, in your own name, or to honor a relative or colleague. Your gift will make a difference in the lives of many patients and families we serve.
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