Program Description

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholars® Program (RWJF CSP) seeks to recruit, train and advance physicians in all specialties who wish to become leaders in research and policy both within and outside the walls of academia. Over the past 30 years the RWJF CSP has trained about 1,000 physicians who have gone on to be national leaders in health and health care, including leading academic clinician-researchers, heads of Foundations/Philanthropies, and Health Directors of states, counties and cities. The program is designed to augment clinical training by providing new skills and perspectives necessary to obtaining and excelling in such positions. The RWJF CSP stresses training in quantitative and qualitative research methods underlying health services research essential to improving health and medical care systems. The program’s newest iteration will also emphasize community-based research and leadership training. The goal of the program is the integration of Scholars’ previous clinical training with skills in program development and research methodology to help them find solutions for issues in public policy, community health and clinical practice.

The program offers graduate-level study and research as part of a university-based postresidency training program. Former Scholars are currently involved in academic medicine, government and medical practice; many are developing and managing health care institutions and delivery systems in a variety of public and private settings; some are contributing to the formulation, conduct and evaluation of health-related public policy. Many also continue active research careers on important topics in health and medical care.

The RWJF CSP is a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. In addition to the University of Michigan, there are three other training sites: the University of California, Los Angeles; the University of Pennsylvania; and Yale University. The National Program Office coordinates the application process and we encourage those interested in applying to the RWJF CSP to visit the NPO website and those of the other 3 programs. This website provides information on both the national RWJF CSP and about the Michigan CSP more specifically. For more information, visit our FAQ's.