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Non U-M Community Services Programs

While this report highlights some of the programs and services that the University of Michigan Health System provides to its communities, our employees – through work and in their personal lives - give many hours of their time. Below are three of many programs in which our employees participate to promote good health in Washtenaw County.

Shelter Association Health Clinic Service

The U-M departments of Internal Medicine and Psychiatry are actively involved in providing services to the homeless population of Washtenaw County.  A teaching/service clinic for Internal Medicine residents is held at the Shelter Association Health Clinic one-half-day per week. In FY 2005, approximately 300 physician visits were provided.

There has been a physician volunteer clinic Monday evenings since 1992.  In FY 2005, volunteer health care providers saw nearly 900 patients and provided approximately 2,000 health visit encounters for these clients. U-M Medical and School of Public Health students assist with patient flow and administrative tasks, aid the physicians and learn basic skills such as taking blood pressure and conducting physical examinations. 

Psychiatry and mental health services are an integral part of the services at the Shelter through the Project Outreach Team program, a multidisciplinary team of Washtenaw County Community Support and Treatment Services that provides services for homeless mentally ill adults of Washtenaw County.  The program provides community-based treatments and transitions patients when stabilized into the public mental health system.

In FY 2006 there were 689 visits from approximately 190 individuals seeking services. PORT is supported by the Washtenaw County Health Organization, a joint program of the U-M Health System and Washtenaw County.

The Corner Health Center

The Corner Health Center provides medical care, health education and support services to low-income individuals ages 12 to 21 and their children. Located in downtown Ypsilanti, The Corner provides pregnant and parenting teens with general medical care, and prenatal and postpartum services.  The Corner also offers services to prevent pregnancy, HIV, sexually transmitted infections, general medical care and pediatric care to patients’ children.

In FY 2006, the Health System provided more than 3,500 hours of in-kind faculty physician, resident and certified nurse midwife support from the departments of Family Medicine, Pediatrics and Obstetrics and Gynecology. The Corner is an excellent example of the interaction between providing educational practice experiences for the future providers of health care while simultaneously facilitating excellent medical service provision to a population in need.

Hope Clinic

Many UMHS providers offer free volunteer services at the Hope Clinic. Hope is a nonprofit, interdenominational Christian medical and social service organization. Our goal is to provide compassionate and practical help to those in need, ministering to the whole person. This includes providing comprehensive health care for the medically indigent and a range of other services aimed either at meeting basic needs or equipping people with the tools needed to improve the quality of their lives and/or to become self sufficient.