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In 2008, the Health System delivered more than $323 million in unpaid services to our community through: uncompensated direct care for uninsured or underinsured patients; outreach programs and services; professional and patient education; and funding for education and research to advance the practice of medicine. The following table summarizes this commitment:

Uncompensated Direct Patient Care
Community Health Programs/Services
Research Costs in Excess of Funding
Commitment to the Community

Not reflected above are the thousands of hours that faculty and staff volunteer in support of these programs, nor the amount of funding from alternative sources needed to maintain our medical education programs.


For many years the Health System has been involved in the community in a variety of ways - through institutionally-sponsored outreach, as well as individual volunteerism and programs and services organized at the staff, unit and department levels. This Community Benefit Report outlines these initiatives in detail and shows how we are more than just the care that takes place in our facilities. Our scientists are defining the future of medical care, and our physicians are providing it. U-M researchers are looking at how we can improve our local – and national – health care system. And we constantly are looking at ways to deliver the right care at the right time. This report is one of many ways we demonstrate our guiding principle to put patients and families first, and serve them – and our communities – with care and compassion.