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Community Benefit
Community benefits are UMHS programs, activities or events that provide treatment and/or promote health and healing as a response to identified community needs.  They are not provided for marketing purposes. 
A community benefit must meet at least one of the following criteria:

Fiscal Year in which Program/Event was Implemented
Indicate the fiscal year the activity you are reporting  took place. 

Recurring Program/Event
Many community benefit initiatives occur more than once during the fiscal year.  Please indicate whether the program you are reporting re-occurs.

Number of Persons Served
Estimate of the number of persons directly served by this program for the fiscal year being reported.  For example, indicate the number of persons receiving blood pressure screenings, attending a community presentation or participating in a support group.

Direct (Commodity) Expenses
Estimate the total commodity expenses associated with this event. Break down the data if it’s available. These are non-payroll controllable expenses such as travel, office supplies, car seats, immunizations, books or food that are attributable to this event and would not be expended if the event did not exist.

Faculty/Staff Contribution
Record the number of hours UMHS faculty/staff contributed to the event if it was a part of their employment or conducted under the auspices of UMHS.  Also record the hourly rate of pay.

Volunteer Hours
Record the  number of hours as “Vounteer” if faculty/staff contributed time to the event that was not part of their employment nor conducted under the auspices of UMHS.

Primary Source of Internal U-M Funding
For reporting purposes, we need to distinguish between activities funded primarily by the Hospital and Health Centers, the Medical School or another source.  Please select the funding source that fits most appropriately.

Donated Medical Procedures, Tests and Supplies
List and calculate the cost of donated medical procedures, tests, and supplies used for activities such as screening examinations, functional evaluations or laboratory tests.
Offsetting Revenue
Calculate revenues received from external grants, insurance payments, participant fees or donations as a result of or in support of the event. Note: External grants are funds received from sponsors outside of your department and outside the University.

List UMHS Partners and/or External Partners
If your program is a partnership, please tell us who those partners are! Partnerships are key to telling the complete UMHS Community Benefit story.