IVIS Spectrum
The IVIS Spectrum the newest instrument available from Xenogen. Like other IVIS systems, it uses a novel Xenogen patented technology - in vivo optical imaging - to allow researchers to use real-time imaging to non-invasively monitor and record cellular and genetic activity within a living organism.


IVIS Spectrum


Agilent 4.7T
The Center for Molecular Imaging is a leading facility for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of animal models. Medium-to-large animal MR experiments are performed on a state-of-the-art Agilent (formerly Varian) 4.7 Tesla horizontal bore system. Physiological monitoring is available and animals may be anesthetized using injectable drugs or with a reliable gas delivery system. Thermoregulation is accomplished with reusable isothermal pads. A variety of volume coils are available, accommodating samples of many sizes and geometries.