IVIS 200 View

Xenogen’s IVIS™ 200 imaging system includes a highly sensitive camera, a dark imaging chamber to minimize incident light, and software to quantify the results. The IVIS™ 200 imaging system starts with a back-thinned CCD camera, designed for high-efficiency photon detection, particularly in the important red region of the spectrum. It can detect very small numbers of photons as well as operate as a traditional camera; displaying images in that wide signal range is a function of the system’s LivingImage™ software. The CCD is cooled and the electronic readout is optimized so that the data gathered to create the real-time in vivo images have extremely low noise.

IVIS Spectrum View

The IVIS Spectrum the newest instrument available from Xenogen. Like other IVIS systems, it uses a novel Xenogen patented technology – in vivo optical imaging – to allow researchers to use real-time imaging to non-invasively monitor and record cellular and genetic activity within a living organism.


CRi Maestro View

The CRi Maestro system is an instrument for fluorescence-based in-vivo molecular imaging. Using multispectral acquisition and analysis, it provides dramatically improved sensitivity, multicolor flexibility and quantitative accuracy for both visible and near-infrared labels.

IVIS Spectrum


Agilent 7T


  • Siemens Inveon
  • Gamma Medica eXplore SpeCZT
  • PET

  • Siemens Inveon

  • Gamma Medica eXplore SpeCZT