Building Bridges - Connecting Communities

Our community-anchored and community-led efforts to improve quality of life and provide opportunities for our patients and residents have one key goal in mind - to improve the health of our communities.

CHS Programs and Services are incorporated throughout the following five initiatives:

Caring for the Health of our Children:

Providing clinical services and programs that support healthy behaviors of our children and adolescents.

Promoting the Health of our Families:

Supporting the spectrum of chronic and acute health care in our area by implementing community health education, promotion and clinical programs and services.

Protecting Health and Quality of Life for our Seniors:

Addressing specific needs of our older adults and homebound residents to address hunger and food insecurity, health and housing counseling and assistance.

Improving Mental Health Support & Reducing Substance Abuse:

Improving mental health and substance abuse through prevention and by ensuring access to appropriate, quality mental health services and supports.

Developing Future Health Leaders:

Providing training to health care providers and students on evidence-based models, best practices, and culturally appropriate care to increase knowledge and provide experience for addressing the needs of our diverse population.