About Us


Alfreda Rooks, MPA, Director of Community Health Services - Alfreda Rooks works to advance the important mission to identify creative solutions to address the various health and social needs of the community. In this role, she leads efforts to improve health outcomes and equity of care through a range of programs and services that address the social determinants of health. These factors include access to: safe housing, transportation, income, education and healthy foods which provide a profound impact on the health-related inequities of various populations.

Our Mission

“To lead Michigan Medicine in improving access, equity and health outcomes in the Community and for those we serve.”

Our Strategies

  • Integrate community health with Michigan Medicine clinical delivery system
  • Address the Community Health Assessment priorities
  • Build statewide partnerships to lessen the impact of social determinants of health in communities where our patients reside

Our History

Since 1997, Community Health Services aligns community-based programs and services with Michigan Medicine and our community partners. Our programs and services span the spectrum of health education, promotion and clinical care and support efforts to improve quality of life and provide opportunities for residents to stay active, healthy and connected to our community.

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