UM-CareLink is a computerized provider order entry (CPOE) system that has been implemented in the University of Michigan Health System. This system allows clinicians to place patient care orders online and further supports our ability to provide high quality care to all inpatient and some outpatient locations. UM-CareLink addresses medication errors, the largest patient safety concern in hospitals nationwide. Electronic ordering and filling of prescriptions eliminates the risks associated with written orders and multiple “hand offs” of information from one provider to the next. Electronic ordering also reduces the time it takes to get medication from the hospital pharmacy to the patient's bedside.

UM-CareLink allows caregivers to:

  • Electronically order tests, procedures, and medications
  • Maintain clinician work lists and nursing medication documentation
  • Receive decision support information about drug interactions and patient allergies
  • Speed the ordering process by connecting caregivers online

Over 150 clinicians and technology professionals worked to ensure UM-CareLink meets the needs of UMHS clinicians and patients. Working in partnership with Eclipsys Corporation, the system helps UMHS deliver best practices across the enterprise and the continuum of care on an integrated technology platform. As a result, caregivers share information seamlessly, complete patient handoffs with greater efficiency and accuracy, and ensure patient safety with integrated medication management.

UM-CareLink connects technology and patient safety as UMHS works to achieve the goal of fully electronic patient records. Nearly 8,000 clinicians use UM-CareLink for patient orders.

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