Research on the Quality of Cancer Care in Diverse Populations
  • National Cancer Institute: Disparity in Quality of Breast Cancer Treatment and Effects on Outcomes. (R01 CA119202-01A2, P.I. Jennifer Griggs, MD, MPH) The goal of this study is to assess the effect of quality of care on outcomes; quantify differences in treatment according to race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status and obesity status; and identify the dimensions of quality that generate disparities in outcomes.
  • National Cancer Institute: Racial/Ethnic and SES Disparities in Quality of Breast Cancer Systemic Therapy(R01 CA139014, Dual P.I. Jennifer Griggs, MD, MPH and Steven Katz, MD, MPH) The major goals of this application are to examine the demographic and social support variables that may affect the quality of systemic adjuvant therapy for first time breast cancer in women aged 21-79. The research will also examine both chemotherapy and hormonal therapy practices, as well as examine the rate of discordance between original laboratory results and central laboratory results for testing of estrogen receptors (ER) and human epidermal growth factor-2 (HER2) over-expression or overamplification.

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