Research on the Quality of Cancer Care in Diverse Populations

News 2014

  1. Hawley ST. Most women who have double mastectomy donít need it, U-M study finds U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center
    • Most Women Who Get Double Mastectomy Don't Need It, Study Finds NBC
    • Anxiety And MRIs May Be Driving The Rise In Double Mastectomies NPR
    • 70% of Mastectomies Arenít Necessary. Hereís Why Women Have Them Anyway Time
  2. Jagsi R. Unemployment common after breast cancer treatment U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center
    • Breast Cancer's Costly Side-Effect: Long Term Unemployment NBC
    • Cancer Plus Chemo Might Put Your Job At Risk NPR
    • Breast-Cancer Survivors Face High Unemployment, Says Study Time
  3. Haymart MR. $6 million gift to benefit thyroid cancer research UMHS Headlines
  4. Fagerlin A. Shared Decision Making Champions: Angie Fagerlin Honored Informed Medical Decisions Foundation
  5. Jagsi R. 25% of breast cancer survivors report financial decline due to treatment U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center
    • New JCO Study Finds High Rates of Financial Decline among Survivors of Breast Cancer, with Minorities Feeling the Brunt ASCO Connection
    • Minorities most vulnerable to financial slide after breast cancer Reuters Health
  6. Jagsi R. More women receiving breast reconstruction after mastectomy, study finds U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center
    • More women choosing breast reconstruction after mastectomy CBS
    • Rates of Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy Increase, but Use Varies Widely According to Numerous Factors ASCO Post
    • More breast cancer survivors opting for reconstruction USA Today
  7. Friese CF. The Influence of Emerging Administrative Scientists: An Interview with Dr Christopher Friese Journal of Nursing Administration

News 2013

  1. Research Initiatives: Tools Will Aid Treatment Decision Making for Breast Cancer National Cancer Institute
  2. Katz SJ. Sharing Treatment Decision-Making With Patients: Whereís the Evidence of Value? ASCO Post
  3. Haymart MR. Radioactive iodine ó little benefit for patients with low-risk thyroid cancer ASCO Connection
  4. Katz SJ. Are patients making cost-effective treatment decisions? UMHS Headlines
  5. Griggs JJ. Obese cancer patients often shorted on chemo doses Yahoo News via AP
  6. Hawley ST. Unfounded Fear Prompts Some Preventive Mastectomies: Study U.S. News & World Report
  7. Katz SJ, Morrow M. Is breast cancer overtreated? U of M Comprehensive Cancer Center
  8. Katz SJ, Morrow M. Experts Discuss Challenges in Counseling Patients About Contralateral Prophylactic Mastectomy. The ASCO Post
  9. Hawley ST. When removing breast is not the answer. CNN
  10. Hawley ST. Lessons from Angelina: The tricky calculus of cancer testing. Time
  11. Morrow M. Dr. Monica Morrow explains BRCA1 gene mutations and breast cancer treatment options. CNN
  12. Hawley ST. The Debate over Breast Cancer Treatment. Click on Detroit
  13. Friese CR, Griggs JJ. 25% donít complete recommended breast cancer treatment, U-M study finds. UMHS Headlines
    • ANN ARBOR: U-M study says 25 percent donít complete breast cancer treatment Ann Arbor Journal
  14. Fagerlin A. Discuss cancer-reducing drugs with women - panel. Reuters via Chicago Tribune
  15. Katz SJ. The Challenges of Individualizing Treatments for Breast Cancer Patients. National Cancer Institute (P01 CA163233)
    • Cancer Surveillance and Outcomes Research Team (CanSORT) Research and Strategic Planning Retreat UMHS Headlines
  16. Hawley ST. Facing Cancer, a Stark Choice New York Times

News 2012

  1. Hawley ST. Is Contralateral Prophylactic Mastectomy Overused? Results from a Population-Based Study. U of M Health
    • Study Explores Why Double Mastectomy Rate Is on the Rise Today Show
    • Most Women Who Choose Double Mastectomy Don't Need To, Study Shows MSN & HealthDay
  2. Breast cancer awareness: Not so pretty pink. CNN Health
  3. Katz SJ. The Challenges of Individualizing Treatments for Breast Cancer Patients. National Cancer Institute (P01 CA163233).
  4. Morrow M, Katz SJ. Margin Threshold for Women with Ductal Carcinoma in Situ. JNCI; 2012;104(7).
    • Breast Cancer Hot Topics: Clear Tumor Margins ABC News
  5. Morrow M, Katz SJ. The Challenge of Developing Quality Measures for Breast Cancer Surgery. JAMA; 2012;307(5):509-510.
    • Repeat Breast Cancer Surgery Varies Widely for Little Reason, Study Finds. Bloomberg

News 2011

  1. Haymart MR, Banerjee M, Stewart AK, Koenig RJ, Birkmeyer JD, Griggs JJ. Use of Radioactive Iodine for Thyroid Cancer. JAMA; 2011;306(7)721-728.
    • Radioactive iodine for thyroid cancer increasing, with Wide variation in how and Where it's Used. The JAMA Report
    • Hospital characteristics account for variations in radioactive iodine use for thyroid cancer. Endocrine today
  2. Jagsi R, Abrahamse P, Hawley ST, Graff JJ, Hamilton AS, Katz SJ. Underascertainment of Radiation Therapy Receipt in SEER Data. Cancer; Epub Ahead of Print.
  3. Janz NK, Hawley ST, Mujahid MS, Griggs JJ, Alderman AK, Graff JJ, Jagsi R, Katz SJ. Correlates of Worry about Recurrence in a Multi-Ethnic Population-Based Sample of Women with Breast Cancer. Cancer; 2011;(9)1827-1836.
  4. Dick AW, Sorbero MS, Ahrendt GM, Hayman JA, Gold HT, Schiffhauer L, Stark A, Griggs JJ. Comparative Effectiveness of Ductal Carinoma In Situ Management and the Roles of Margins and Surgeons. J Natl Cancer Inst 2011;103:92-104.
    • Breast Cancer Outcome: Your Doctor Matters HealthDay
  5. Giuliano AE, Hunt KK, Ballman KV, Beitsch PD, Whitworth PW, Blumencranz PW, Leitch AM, Saha S, McCall LM, Morrow M. Axillary Dissection vs No Axillary Dissection in Women with Invasive Breast Cancer and Sentinel Node Metastasis. JAMA 2011; 305(6):569-575.
    • 'Practice-Changing' Cancer Study Shows Lymph Node Surgery May Be Unnecessary. PBS NEWSHOUR

News 2010

  1. Katz SK, Hawley ST, Abrahamse P, Morrow M, Friese CR, Alderman AK, Griggs JJ, Hamilton AS, Graff JJ, Hofer TP. Does it matter where you go for breast surgery?: Attending Surgeonís Influence on Variation in Receipt of Mastectomy for Breast Cancer. Medical Care 2010;(10):892-9.
    • HealthFirst: Breast cancer reconstruction surgery abc12 news
  2. CanSORT team member, Christina Jagielski was named by the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network "Education and Outreach Coordinator of the Year" Plymouth Observer
  3. Jagsi R, Abrahamse P, Morrow M, Hawley ST, Girggs JJ, Graff JJ, Hamilton AS, Katz SJ. Patterns and Correlates of Adjuvant Radiotherapy Receipt After Lumpectomy and After Mastectomy for Breast Cancer. Journal of Clinical Oncology 2010; 28 (14):2396-2403.
    • Radiation after mastectomy underused, U-M study finds e! Science News
    • More Women Urged to Get Radiation After Mastectomy: Potentially lifesaving treatment is underused, study finds HealthyDay News
  4. Katz SJ, Hawley ST, Morrow M, Griggs JJ, Jagsi R, Hamilton AS, Graff JJ, Friese CR, Hofer TP Coordinating Cancer Care: Patient and Practice Management Processes Among Surgeons Who Treat Breast Cancer. Medical Care 2010;48(1):45-51.
    • Few breast cancer surgeons follow quality of care standards, study finds Science Daily & UMHS News
    • Breast Surgeons Report Low Use of Interdisciplinary Communication, Patient Supports Oncology Times

News 2009

  1. Katz SK, Hawley ST Exploring the Reasons Women Choose Mastectomies NCI Cancer Bulletin
  2. Janz NK, Mujahid MS, Hawley ST, Griggs JJ, Alderman AK, Hamilton AS, Graff JJ, Katz SJ Racial/Ethnic Differences in Quality of Life and Fear of Recurrence after Diagnosis of Breast Cancer.Journal of Cancer Survivorship 2009;3(4):212-222
  3. Katz SK, Griggs JJ Breast cancer patients advised to consider options CNN health
  4. Alderman AK, Information Please; Why aren't more women having breast reconstruction? CureToday
  5. Morrow M, Jagsi R, Alderman AK, Griggs JJ, Hawley ST,Hamilton AS, Graff JJ, Katz SJ , Why do women get mastectomy?: The role of patients and their surgeons in treatment decision-making.JAMA 2009;302(14):1551-1556.
    • Research suggests mastectomies not overused in the initial treatment of breast cancer JAMA Report Video
    • Too Many Mastectomies? Maybe Not; Mastectomy Rate Not Driven by Surgeon Recommendation Web MD
  6. Alderman AK, Power in Numbers; How one physician uses group sessions to educate patients Inside View
  7. Alderman AK, Hawley ST, Janz NK, Mujahid MS, Morrow M, Hamilton AS, Graff JJ, Katz SJ. Racial/ethnic disparities in the use of post-mastectomy breast reconstruction: results from a population-based study.
    • Breast reconstruction varies by race, U-M study finds: Less-acculturated Latinas least likely to have reconstruction after breast cancer surgery UMHS News
  8. Hawley ST, Hamilton AS, Graff JJ, Janz NK, Griggs JJ, Morrow M, Jagsi R, Salem B, Katz SJ. Decision Involvement and Receipt of Mastectomy among Racially and Ethnically Diverse Breast Cancer Patients. Journal of National Cancer Institute 2009;101:1-11 .
    • Breast Cancer: Women Often Choose Mastectomy. Surgeon, Family Opinions Affect Patients' Decisions Web MD
    • U of M Study: Friends & Family Influence Breast Treatment Decisions Michigan Radio
    • Breast Cancer Patients Look to Their Supporters for Surgery Decisions Oncology Nursing News
  9. Family, Friends Influence Breast Cancer Decisions. Patients' supporters often play role in treatment discussions, study finds HealthDay
  10. Jagsi R, U-M doctor chosen for innovative training program in cancer research UMHS News
  11. Jagsi R, Abrahamse P, Morrow M, Griggs JJ, Schwartz K, Katz SJ. Post-mastectomy radiotherapy for breast cancer. Cancer 2009;115(6) 1185-1193
    • 19% of women don't receive recommended radiation after mastectomy UMHS News
  12. Hawley ST, Hamilton A, Janz NK, Griggs JJ, Alderman AK, Mujahid M, Katz SJ. Latina patient perspectives about informed treatment decision making for breast cancer. Patient Education & Counseling 2008;73(2):363-370.
    • Study: Treatment Satisfaction Tied to Language & Culture: Spanish-Speaking Latinas Express More Regret Over Breast-Cancer Surgery than Women of Other Ethnicities Do Oncology Times

News 2008

  1. Alderman AK, Hawley ST, Waljee J, Mujahid M, Morrow M, Katz SJ. Understanding the impact of breast reconstruction on the surgical decision-making process for breast cancer. Cancer 2008;112(3): 489-494.
  2. Hawley ST, Fagerlin A, Janz NK, Katz SJ. Racial/ethnic disparities in knowledge about risks & benefits of breast cancer treatment: does It matter where you go? Health Services Research, April 1, 2008
    • Minorities less likely to know about breast cancer options UMHS News
  3. Hawley ST, Hamilton A, Janz NK, Griggs JJ, Aldeman AK, Mujahid M, Katz SJ. Latina patient perspectives about informed treatment decision making for breast cancer. Patient Education & Counseling 2008, 73(2): 363-370
    • Latinas more likely to regret breast cancer treatment decisions UMHS News