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Yun Li, PhD

Yun Li, PhD, is a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Biostatistics at the University of Michigan. She is an active member of the Cancer Surveillance and Outcomes Research Team. Her statistical expertise includes longitudinal analyses, mediation analysis, missing data, causal inference and survival analyses. Dr. Li has conducted statistical analyses and published extensively in population-based studies in health sciences since 2003. She has been working in various areas of cancer including breast cancer, head and neck cancer since 2000. Her work has focused on quality of life, quality of care, practice patterns and identification of their correlates. She was the primary biostatistician for a major multi-center observational study at the Outcomes Research and Assessment Group at Duke University between 2001 and 2003. She has served as the UM PI for the multi-national Dialysis Outcomes Practice Pattern Study. She has been working on a statistical methodology project on mediation and biomarker problems in cancer research since 2009. She has been providing the supervision of data processing, data management, data analysis and interpretation of the results for masters-level statisticians, offering expertise in project designs and actively participating in the preparation of scientific papers with collaborators.

Selected Key Papers

  1. Li Y, Taylor JMG, Little RJA. A shrinkage approach for estimating a treatment effect using surrogate marker data in clinical trials. In Press; Biometrics
  2. Li Y, Taylor JMG, Elliott MR, Sargent DJ. Causal Assessment of Surrogacy in a Meta-Analysis of Colorectal Cancer Trials Biostatistics, 2011; 12(3):478-92.
  3. Li Y, Taylor JMG. Predicting treatment effects using biomarker data in a meta-analysis of clinical trials. Stat Med., 2010; 29(8):1875-89.
  4. Li Y, Taylor JMG, Elliott MR. A Bayesian approach to surrogacy assessment using principal stratification in clinical trials. Biometrics, 2010; 66(2):523-31.
  5. Li Y, Taylor JMG, Ten Haken R, Eisbruch A. The impact of dose on parotid salivary recovery in head and neck cancer patients treated with radiation therapy. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys, 2007; 67(3):660-9. PMCID:2001308

Selected Projects

  1. Develop several new statistical modeling procedures to evaluate the mediation effect of biomarkers in cancer studies. (RO1 CA 129102, PI: Taylor)
  2. Conduct cancer health services and outcomes research focused on comparative effectiveness of treatments and care support (1 K05 CA111340-01A1, PI: Katz)
  3. Conduct an international study comparing outcomes for dialysis patients based on practice patterns in 12 countries. (Dialysis Outcomes and Practice Patterns Study, PI: Li)

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