Research on the Quality of Cancer Care in Diverse Populations

Rose Juhasz, PhD

Rose Juhasz, Ph.D. is a Lead Research Specialist who provides oversight and coordination of all research and administrative activities related to the P01, “The Challenge of Individualizing Treatments for Patients with Breast Cancer”, under the direction of Steven Katz, M.D., M.P.H. Dr. Juhasz is supervisor of the Research Management Team and assists Dr. Katz in program strategic planning, organizational structuring, resource allocation, stakeholder engagement, and NIH reporting activities. She leads integration and the monitoring of benchmarks of the program’s three projects and core services related to survey research implementation, communication and dissemination, and data analysis. Dr. Juhasz developed several key research infrastructure pieces for the program, including use of online survey paid panels for refinement of surveys and establishment of student data entry operations that leverage existing student research initiatives at the university.

Her role extends to development and administration of new research activities, including the spearheading and coordination of extramural and intramural grant applications and management of CanSORT pilot funds. Dr. Juhasz earned a doctorate in cognitive experimental psychology from Indiana University in 2005 prior to transitioning her career to research program management and administration at the University of Michigan. In prior positions at the Medical School and Stephen M. Ross School of Business, Dr. Juhasz refined her specialization to program and research infrastructure development with large, multidisciplinary research teams and academic units.

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