Research on the Quality of Cancer Care in Diverse Populations

Jennifer J. Griggs, MD, MPH

Jennifer J. Griggs, MD, MPH is a Professor in the Division of Hematology/Oncology in the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Michigan. Dr. Griggs is a medical oncologist who completed a postdoctoral fellowship in health services research at the University of Rochester. Dr. Griggs' research program focuses on understanding and addressing racial and social disparities in the quality of cancer chemotherapy.

Dr. Griggs also conducts research on information and support needs of cancer survivors, racial disparities in the management of cancer-related pain, patient-provider communication, patient preferences for treatment, costs of care for women with ductal carcinoma in situ, and optimal cancer treatment in obese patients.

Dr. Griggs' research program has been funded by the National Cancer Institute, the Department of Defense, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.

Selected Key Papers

  1. Gillespie EF, Sorbero ME, Hanauer DA, Sabel MS, Herrmann EJ, Weiser LJ, Jagielski CH, Griggs JJ. Obesity and angiolymphatic invasion in primary breast cancer. Annals Surg Oncol 2010; 17;752-759.
  2. Dick AW, Sorbero MS, Ahrendt GM, Hayman JA, Gold HT, Schiffhauer L, Stark A, Griggs JJ. Comparative effectiveness of ductal carcinoma in situ management and the roles of margins and surgeons. J Natl Cancer Inst 2011; 103: 92-104.
  3. Bakhru A, Buckanovich RJ, Griggs JJ. The impact of diabetes on survival in women with ovarian cancer. Gyn Oncol 2011; 121: 106-111.
  4. Friese CR, Ferris LH, Frasier MN, McCullagh MC, Griggs JJ. Structures and processes of care in ambulatory oncology settings and nurse-reported chemotherapy exposure. Brit Med J Quality & Safety 2011; 21: 753-759.
  5. Haymart MR, Banerjee M, Stewart AK, Koenig RJ, Birkmeyer JD, and Griggs JJ. Use of radioactive iodine for thyroid cancer. JAMA 2011; 17: 721-728.
  6. Griggs JJ, Mangu P, Anderson H, Balaban E, Dignam J, Hyrniuk W, Morrison V, Pini TM, Runowicz C, Rosner G, Shayne M, Sparreboom A, Sucheston L, Lyman G. American Society of Clinical Oncology Guideline on appropriate chemotherapy dosing for obese adult patients with cancer. J Clin Oncol 2012; 30(13):1553-61.
  7. Griggs JJ, Hawley ST, Graff JJ, Hamilton AS, Janz NK, Mujahid MS, Friese CR, Salem B, Abrahamse P, Katz SJ. Factors associated with receipt of breast cancer adjuvant chemotherapy in a diverse population-based sample. J Clin Oncol 2012; 30:3058-64.
  8. Pini TM, Hawley ST, Li Y, Katz SJ, Griggs JJ. The influence of non-clinical patient factors on medical oncologists’ decisions to recommend breast cancer adjuvant chemotherapy. Br Cancer Res Tr 2012; 10:30(2):121-4.
  9. Jagielski CH, Hawley ST, Corbin K, Weiss MC, Griggs JJ. A Phoenix rising: Who considers herself a “survivor” after a diagnosis of breast cancer? J Cancer Survivorship 2012. Accepted for publication

Selected Projects

  1. NIH/NCI: Disparity in Quality of Breast Cancer Treatment and Effects on Outcome (R01 CA119202, 6/9/08 – 4/30/12, PI Griggs).
  2. NIH/NCI: Health System Factors and Patient Outcomes in Breast Cancer (R01 CA088370-04, 10/1/07 – 8/31/10, PI Katz ).
  3. NCI/NIH: Racial/Ethnic and SES Disparities in Quality of Breast Cancer Systemic Therapy (R01 CA139014, 8/1/09 – 7/31/13, PI Griggs and Katz).

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