Research on the Quality of Cancer Care in Diverse Populations

Amy K. Alderman, MD, MPH

Amy K. Alderman, MD, MPH received her medical degree with honors from the University Of Alabama, School Of Medicine, Birmingham, Alabama in June, 1996. She is the recipient of the Hugh J. Dempsey Memorial Award (Valedictorian) and the Dean's Award for Academic Excellence (Highest academic performance in the clinical clerkships) and was a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Society. Her postdoctoral training was completed at the University of Michigan and included completion of a residency program in plastic surgery. Dr. Alderman acquired a Master's Degree in Public Health from the University of Michigan, School of Public Health in Ann Arbor, Michigan in August, 2001. She was a Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar from (2000-2002) at the University of Michigan. In July, 2004 she joined the faculty at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI. as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Surgery, Section of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Alderman is a practicing plastic surgeon and a health services researcher focusing on breast reconstruction.

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Selected Key Papers

  1. Racial/ethnic disparities in the use of post-mastectomy breast reconstruction: results from a population-based study. Alderman AK, Hawley ST, Mujahid MS, Morrow M, Hamilton AS, Graff JJ, Katz SJ. Journal of Clinical Oncology 2009;27:5325-5330.
  2. Patient-reported aesthetic satisfaction with breast reconstruction during the long-term survivorship period. Hu E, Pusic A, Waljee J, Kuhn L, Halwey ST, Wilkins E, Alderman AK, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 2009;124:1-8.
  3. Correlates of referral practices of general surgeons to plastic surgeons for mastectomy reconstruction. Alderman AK, Hawley ST, Waljee J, Morrow M, Katz SJ. Cancer 2007;109:1715-1720.
  4. Understanding the impact of breast reconstruction on the surgical decision-making process for breast cancer. Alderman AK, Hawley ST, Waljee J, Mujahid M, Morrow M, Katz SJ. Cancer 2008;112(3): 489-494
  5. Use of Breast Cancer Reconstruction following the Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act Alderman AK, Wei Y., Birkmeyer JD JAMA 2006, 295:387-388

Selected Projects

  1. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Physician Faculty Scholars Award, "Determinants and Outcomes of Breast Reconstruction in Underserved Populations."
  2. National Endowment for Plastic Surgery, "The Use of AlloDerm in Tissue Expander/Implant Reconstruction."
  3. Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making, "United States Breast Cancer Care."

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