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Program Requirements

The requirements described below are based on the structures of both the Rackham Graduate School and the Program in Biomedical Sciences. All coursework for the Cancer Biology Program must be passed with a minimum grade of “B.” In addition to the required courses, students will be encouraged to take additional courses that are relevant to their dissertation project. For example, a student studying cancer genetics may wish to purse additional coursework in genetics.

PIBS Year 1 Requirements

To satisfy the requirements for entry in the Cancer Biology Program, at least two of the following courses, all of which are offered in the fall semester, are required:

This requirement will be waived for MSTP (joint MD-PhD program) students who join the Cancer Biology Program.

As is required of all Program in Biomedical Science students, Cancer Biology Program students will take PIBS 503 – Research Responsibilities and Ethics (1 credit). In addition, they will take the one-day laboratory safety course as part of the Program in Biomedical Science orientation.

Cancer Biology Program Requirements

In addition to two of the above Program in Biomedical Sciences core courses the Cancer Biology Program will require all of the following courses:

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