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Students in the Program are required to take two of the three PIBS core courses, a two semester course in Cancer Biology; and one semester of Bioinformatics. Students can then take electives that are most relevant to their specific area of interest. There is also a Research in Progress/Journal Club that is required of all students. The latter course provides not only continued exposure to the breadth of the field but also experience in developing seminar presentation skills.

Preliminary Examination
The prelim exam, taken before the end of the second year, is a two part exam. The first part is a written exam that will test the student's ability to integrate the knowledge of cancer biology covered in the Cancer Biology 553-554 course. The second part is an oral exam that tests the student's ability to critically analyze a recent paper in the cancer biology literature.

Expected Length of Program
Students are expected to successfully defense their dissertation within five years of admission to PIBS.

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