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Our goal is translating our research into action for better patient care.

As leaders in the development of new techniques to target pancreatic cancer, our physicians use what they learn in the lab to help treat pancreatic cancer patients. Through the combination of extensive research paired with clinical expertise, our experts have begun the first human clinical trials to measure the effect of new target drugs on the cancer stem cells that are in charge of the growth and spread of pancreatic cancer.
Simeone Lab Group
Front row (left to right): Michele Dziubinski, Meghna Waghray, Lidong Wang, Huibin Yang

Back Row (left to right): Stephanie Laurinec, Ethan Abel, Diane Simeone, Phillip Palmbos, Jacob Leflein
Pancreatic cancer is a deadly disease characterized by:
  • late diagnosis
  • aggressive invasion of surrounding tissues
  • early metastasis

This type of cancer has the worst prognosis of any major malignancy (5 year survival rate is only 3%) and is the fourth most common cause of cancer death.

Recent advances in surgical and medical therapy have had little impact on the mortality rate of this disease. Pancreatic cancer is notoriously resistant to many types of cytotoxic chemotherapy and ionizing radiation. The molecular basis of pancreatic cancer is incompletely understood, but the research within the laboratory of Diane Simeone, M.D. is focused to try to understand this terrible disease.

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