Developmental Research Program

Principal Investigator:
Gregory T. Wolf, M.D.

A unique aspect of the SPORE Program is the ability to promote ongoing innovation and new ideas in translational research in head and neck cancer. The Developmental Research Program of this SPORE supports investigators collecting preliminary data that can later be used to support larger-scale applications for independent extramural funding. It also supports investigators exploring ideas that (if successful) are likely to have a significant impact on the prevention, detection, or treatment of head and neck cancer, but are typically deemed too high risk to receive funding from other sources. Emphasis is placed on new investigators, trainees completing their education and established investigators new to head and neck oncology. This serves to encourage recruitment and collaboration with new investigators from outside the field of head and neck oncology.

Proposals relevant to head and neck oncology with high translational significance and innovation are requested each year. Proposals are reviewed by the Senior Advisory Council and the Operations Committee prior to any funding decisions. Awards in the amount of $50,000 for a one- or two-year project period are awarded to successful applicants. A strong commitment of mentorship to each developmental project is made to assure that translational goals are met. A basic and clinical science mentor are either selected by the investigator or assigned by the SPORE Operations Committee. Awardees are granted full-project status within the SPORE and benefit from access the core resources (Administration, Biostatistics, and Tissue and Histopathology) and opportunities for collaboration that arise from membership of the Operations Committee.

Awardees are expected to provide an annual report on the progress of their project, and a final report at the end of their project period.

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