The Administrative Core provides scientific oversight and administrative support to all aspects of the Head and Neck SPORE. All meetings of the Operations Committee, Senior Advisory Council, and External Review Committee are arranged by the Administrative Core. These committees are comprised of SPORE project leaders, senior leadership within the University of Michigan, and experts in the field of head and neck cancer research. Together they assure the integrity of ongoing scientific work conducted by the SPORE and guide the future direction of the program. Implementation of policies and programmatic changes emanating from these meetings is coordinated by the Administrative Core.

In addition to scientific oversight, the Administrative Core provides support to the SPORE with the following responsibilities:

  1. Oversee and administer all budgetary and finance issues, including application of cost effectiveness and quality control measures.
  2. Coordination of the Developmental Research Program and Career Development Programs.
  3. Act as a liaison between the Head and Neck SPORE program and the University, the NIH and other SPORE programs.
  4. Assures compliance with University and sponsor regulations.
  5. Function as the central clearinghouse and coordinating center for SPORE activities and information.
  6. Scheduling of all meetings, agenda planning and preparation of meeting minutes.
  7. Planning of annual SPORE Retreat.
  8. Communicate with NCI program staff and coordinate submission of required reports.
  9. Entry of clinical data into our program database.
  10. Database maintenance and writing of queries for extracting statistical data from the database.

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