Brehm Center Researchers

Ormond MacDougald, Ph.D.

John A Faulkner Professor of Physiology, Department of Molecular and Integrative Physiology
Professor of Internal Medicine, Division of Metabolism, Endocrinology & Diabetes
MacDougald Lab

Ormond MacDougald, Ph.D.Dr. Ormond MacDougald earned his M.S. and Ph.D. from Michigan State University and completed his postdoctoral training at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He began his academic career at the University of Michigan in 1996 as Assistant Professor in the Department of Physiology and became Professor in 2006.

Dr. MacDougald's main research interest is the regulation of adipocyte differentiation and metabolism. One of the goals of his research program is to determine the molecular mechanisms by which extracellular signals regulate mesenchymal cell fate decisions. Mesenchymal stem cells have the capacity to differentiate into a number of cell types, including adipocytes, osteoblasts and myocytes. While the focus of MacDougald's lab has been on defining the genetic program of adipogenesis and its regulation by Wnt signaling, they are now extending this line of research to signals that determine whether stem cells differentiate into adipocytes or osteoblasts.