The Brehm Center at the University of Michigan Medical School

The Brehm Center at the University of Michigan Medical School (separate from the Brehm Center for Diabetes Research laboratories at the Brehm Tower) focuses on the application of systems analysis as a key approach in recognizing and defining solutions to multi-dimensional issues and challenges facing the health system, and serves on the administrative team for M-Diabetes. M-Diabetes provides organization and administration to support and coordinate among the many diabetes- and metabolism-related programs at the University of Michigan.

Dorene Markel, Brehm Center Director and M-Diabetes Managing Director, brings her leadership expertise to the effort of growing the diabetes clinical and research enterprise at Michigan Medicine. She and her staff ensure that the Brehm Center and M-Diabetes promotes the University of Michigan’s abilities to optimize local and national collaborative potential; and enhances the institution’s impact and reputation in diabetes research, clinical care, education and policy leadership.

Areas of Focus
As part of M-Diabetes, The Brehm Center identifies opportunities to expand capabilities allowing better care for our diabetes patients, enhancing collaboration and connecting diabetes and metabolism researchers across the U of M campus, expanding education about the care and prevention of diabetes, and positioning the University of Michigan to engage in national diabetes leadership opportunities.

The Brehm Center also works in partnership with the University of Michigan Department of Learning Health Sciences. The goal of these projects is to analyze data related to diabetes and convert that data to knowledge and applications, instigating continuous cycles of learning, improvement and innovation. The work serves as an important conduit for more efficient advancement of diabetes and metabolism research within M-Diabetes.

The Brehm Center’s work also covers other areas that parallel the interests and investments of the Brehm’s at U of M and nationally, including:

Brehm Scholarship Programs
Management and student mentoring for full-tuition 4-year scholarships for undergrads and full-tuition 4-year scholarships for medical students.

Brehm Coalition
Management and support of senior type 1 diabetes researchers and their teams from institutions across the US and Canada. This is a program that brings together a new type of multidisciplinary research team in type 1 diabetes research.

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