The logo must be present on all official external university communication

As the primary graphic identity for the institution, the logo must appear on all materials, including brochures, stationery, business cards, and the University website.

Treat the logo as artwork, not as typography

The logo is the visual representation of the University and such an important visual element should be treated as a graphic icon.

Never manipulate the logo in any way

This rule includes -- but is not restricted to -- type, rules, surrounding boxes, shadows, outlines and embellishments.


Michigan Medicine Logo

1. Michigan Block M - The brandmark of the University.

2. The wordmark - Comprised of Univers Condensed font and our proprietary Victors font.

3. The logo - Together, the Block M and wordmark create our logo.


Each logo zip file contains four logo signatures and color variations. Learn which signature to use by reading the content below.

Signature 1


Signature 2


Signature 3


Signature 4


1 - Stationery

Use the Michigan Medicine or Medical School stationery signature on all stationery, both internally and externally.

2 - Marketing

This logo features a large unit name with a secondary line providing the branding in the form of Michigan Medicine set in the Victors font. This logo is appropriate for all internal and external uses when applicable.

3 - Informal

This logo is intended for informal representation of the brand. It is appropriate for all internal communication and for limited external communication including posters, PowerPoint Presentations and swag.

4 - Vertical

This logo should be used in settings where there is limited space and the horizontal logo would not be legible. It can also be used for business cards, print collateral, PowerPoint Presentations and swag.


Clear Space

In order to maintain the integrity of the iconic logo and maximize the brand's presence, it is important to give the logo breathing room and define a minimum clear space. The clear space is measured by the x-height of the block M. The clear space must always be a minimum of the x-height on all sides of the logo.

Space and Size

Minimum Size

When reproducing our logo, be conscious of its size and legibility. A signature too small, ceases to communicate. The logo should never appear less that 3/4 inches tall in printed materials and no less that 30px tall in digital.

Minimum Size


Suggested placement for the logos on materials intended for an external audience is demonstrated below.



In order to maintain consistency throughout our identity, it is essential that the brandmark is never altered in any way. Altering, distorting or illustrating the brandmark in any way weakens the power of our brand and what it represents.

Logo Violations

  1. Do not use any form of the old logo.
  2. Do not personalize or make the logo specific to a department.
  3. Do not change the colors of the logo.
  4. Do not stretch or squeeze the logo.
  5. Do not outline the logo.
  6. Do not alter the lettertype of the logo.
  7. Do not add drop shadows to the logo.
  8. Do not add graphics to the logo.