Pre-Operative Phase for Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery

The Pre-op Diet

Before surgery, you will follow a full liquid diet for 2 weeks which:

  • has been proven to result in greater weight loss after the surgery
  • shrinks your liver making the surgery much easier and decreasing your time in surgery
  • shows you are willing and able to make the lifestyle changes which are necessary to be successful

You will meet with our dietitian before your surgery to learn how to make healthier choices and begin the "Pre-op Diet." The diet is individualized for each person. In addition to making changes in what and how much you eat, it is very important to change how you eat.

Healthy Lifestyle Changes for Success After Your Surgery

  • Making healthy dietary choices:
    • Lower fat dairy foods
    • Lower fat and lean high protein foods
    • More fruits and vegetables
    • More whole grain products
    • Limiting / avoiding foods high in added sugars
    • Limiting / avoiding fried foods
    • Limiting / avoiding sweetened beverages
  • Avoid drinking beverages with meals as this can flush the food out of your pouch leaving you feeling hungry again
  • Caffeine-free before the surgery and after your surgery as caffeine contributes to dehydration
  • Avoiding all carbonated beverages, for life, these contribute to expanding the pouch, requiring more food to make you feel full
  • Limiting / avoiding alcohol, following sleeve gastrectomy surgery, your stomach no longer metabolizes alcohol therefore it enters your bloodstream at a much faster rate and stronger concentration, which can increase your risk of alcoholic liver disease
  • Chewing all of your foods to applesauce consistency to avoid blockages
  • Avoiding the use of straws which can cause expanding of the pouch
  • Engaging in some form of exercise or activity with a goal of 45-60 minutes for most days of the week