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Sandeep Pandit, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor
Center for Arrhythmia Research

Research summary:

Theoretical and experimental bases of cardiac electrophysiology and arrhythmias, with particular focus on the role of underlying ionic mechanisms. Theoretical simulations are conducted at both single cell and multicellular tissue and utilize detailed ionic models of the cardiac action potential. Experimental studies involve optically mapping the dynamics of propagation and fibrillation in Langendorff perfused whole hearts. Current focus is on 1. studying the role of an atrial specific ion channel IKur and its usefulness as an antiarrhythmic target in atrial fibrillation, 2. the role of the inward rectifier K+ currents IK1 and IKATP during hyperkalemia and ischemia respectively, in the ventricle.


Dr. Pandit's publications are listed on PubMed. You can view them here.