Series_One Central Nervous System
Series_Two Thorax
Series_Three Heart
Series_Four Lung
Series_Five Upper Limb
Series_Five Abdominal Cross-Section
Series_Five Gastrointestinal Tract
Series_Five Renal
Series_Five Pelvis
Series_Five Lower Limb

University of Michigan Medical School - Blue Lab

These images are of plastinated specimens located within the University of Michigan Medical School's anatomy Labs.

In order to use the gallery, simply click on a category to the left of the screen. Hovering over the thumbnails on the right of the screen will enlarge the respective image and povide additional information on the specimen.

Notice: The following images are actual human specimens, and may be disturbing to some viewers. The images are meant to be used for purely educational purposes. To learn more on how the specimens were donated to the University, visit Anatomical Donations.