Anatomical Donations Program in the Media

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U-M Health System YouTube September 26, 2016
Saying Thanks for the Ultimate Gift to Education: U-M Anatomical Donor Memorial
Battle Creek Enquirer logo June 18, 2014
"In death, a body becomes a teacher" by Andy Fitzpatrick
MI Daily logo September 30, 2013
"Cadavers get personal" by Jackson Howard logo September 19, 2013
"U-M medical students honor body donors -- and will soon have a new way to connect with them"
MI Daily logo September 19, 2013
"Our bodies, our donations" by Barry Belmont
AA Journal logo September 24, 2012
"U of M Anatomical Donations Program honors body donors (with video)" by Sean Dalton logo September 19, 2012
"U-M Medical School to host service in memory of anatomical gift donors" by Amy Biolchini
Alumni Association logo Spring 2012
"First Steps" by Sally Pobojewski
Inside View logo February 16, 2012
"Donor as first patient" by Cathy Mellett
Detroit News logo January 16, 2012
"Medical schools seeking more body donations" by Kim Kozlowski
UMHS Headlines logo September 1, 2011
"Join UMHS community in honoring anatomical donors"
UM Record logo September 21, 2009
"Medical students say thanks to anatomical donors at annual service" by Mary Masson logo September 16, 2009
"University of Michigan medical students host memorial to honor those who gave their bodies for scientific research" by Ronald Ahrens logo September 16, 2009
"The last gift U-M medical students honor those who donate bodies" by Mary Masson
MFDA logo August/September 1999
"What is Anatomical Donation? Why Do Families Request it?" by Dean A. Mueller
UM Record logo September 24, 1997
"Memorial service honors donors" by Sally Pobojewski
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